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Angelica Yoga Introduction - Practical Manual


Enter the depth of the yoga of consciousness and activate the best of your qualities through this practice.
Cover: Soft
Number of pages: 170
SKU: 978-2-923097-01-5
Theme: Angelica Yoga
Language : French



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Know yourself and you will know the universe

Angelica yoga is first and foremost a yoga of consciousness, of spirituality, of activating our angelic nature, our dreams and signs; not a yoga of performance or aesthetics. - Kaya


Very often yoga is practiced without deep awareness and in an overly aesthetic way; mainly through body relaxation and breathing exercises and techniques. This is of course beneficial and beautiful, but at its base and origin, Yoga is a sacred spiritual practice.

With Angelica Yoga Introduction, and through the practice of Angelic Mantras and movements based on symbolic language, rediscover the powerful effects that yoga generates when it is inspired spiritually, in connection with the soul and the multi-dimensions of the consciousness.

This ancient, yet new Yoga is based on learning receptivity in action and aims to develop, on a daily basis, the qualities, virtues and Angelic powers in their pure state. Essentially, the work with yoga exercises merged with Traditional Angelology promotes the opening of dreams, consciousness and the unconscious.

This Yoga combined with the practice of Angelic Mantras is very powerful and leads us to discover the parallel worlds through the deep mystical experiences lived during the exercises and rising awareness.

Angelica yoga allows the being to access spiritual autonomy through the understanding of symbolic language.

For all those who seek the marriage of spirit and matter, Angelica Yoga Introduction will prove to be a book that will change your approach to yoga. This practical manual is a perfect complement to The Angel Book Series, Dreams - Signs - Meditation, which contains the philosophical foundations of Traditional Angelology.

This book synthesizes 21 yoga exercises suitable for everyone. It's a great tool for all of us, regardless of weight or physical condition. It is also a practical tool because of its format adapted for travel and displacement.


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Angelica Yoga Introduction - Practical Manual

Enter into the depth of the yoga of consciousness and activate through this practice, the best of the [...]



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