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Understanding Angels

Modern and inspiring courses presented by Christiane Muller, to understand what an Angel represents, and how their energy can manifest itself in our daily lives.

Understanding Angels

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Nemamiah - Course of the Angels
Date: 30/January/2023
Time: 09:30

Coming soon. Live.

Becoming better, one Angel at a time.

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Angel 52 Imamiah - Learn to recognize your mistakes
Better understand how to free ourselves from our inner prisons, from unhealthy relationships, in order to live in peace. Find fully its self-esteem...
Angel 64 Mehiel - The True Inspiration
Receive fertile inspirations, practical solutions and see life in color again.
Angel 29 Reiyel - Reaching the High Peaks
To develop the spiritual autonomy that leads to the highest summits of consciousness.
Angel 28 Seheiah - Happy longevity
Being afraid of the future. The impact of rash and impulsive actions. And the secret of happy longevity.
Angel 17 Lauviah - The secrets of the soul revealed
Stalling. To hear voices. And access the Mysteries of the Universe.
Angel 7 Achaiah - The patience of all
Wanting too much for others to change. Patience does not necessarily mean inaction. And being responsible and detached simultaneously.
Angel 6 Lelahel - The Light that heals all
Heartache. Transform the beast into a prince. And understand what true Beauty is.
Angel 41 Hahahel - The meaning of the Mission
To know one's life mission. To want to help others, without falling into spiritual extremism. And to live the love in the couple while being devoted to a humanitarian mission.
Angel 37 Aniel - Spiritual autonomy
When nothing changes. Addictions that cause pain. And the understanding that allows you to get out of the "repeat" mode.